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Mann Jitt is a the UK’s biggest Punjabi/English bilingual news paper full of dynamic Punjabi-English news. It is a FREE weekly newspaper.It contains the latest national and international news for our Punjabi as well as English readers.


By the people, for the people. Intergrating the community.

Company Overview

Mann Jitt is a great value dynamic Punjabi-English weekly FREE newspaper.

Despite unfavorable environment due to recession and tough competition, Mann Jitt Weekly survived and now towering over all its competitors with ever-increasing readership.

What is the quality of a good newspaper? Obviously – unbiased reporting, great editorials and the content which covers all aspects of human need as well as curiosity. It contains the latest national and international news for our Punjabi as well as English readers. The feedback provided to us by our loyal readers clearly show how popular it is due to its useful content which includes political and social news, stories, poetry and articles based on moral and cultural values, health issues, beauty tips, sports updates, valuable advertisements, classifieds and the editorials on current and sensitive issues.

Not only this Mann Jitt is proud to say that it is a non-denominational newspaper which has no right or left wing affiliations, no political or religious favoritism and no prejudiced feelings towards any social and ethnic groups. This is the reason, it is loved by all.

Mann Jitt bi-lingual Weekly has something for all, young and old, males and females, different religions and communities, business and working class and for retired as well as employed.

Mann Jitt is available on over 300 locations in London, East and West Midlands, Yorkshire and parts of Scotland. These locations include Gurdwaras, Mandirs, Newsagents, Grocery stores, Bucher and Sweet shops, Community Centres, Prisons and other important points.

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