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Guru Teg Bahadur Gurdwara Wolverhampton: 400th Birth Anniversary Celebrations of Sri Guru Teg Bahadur

Sri Guru Teg Bahadur Gurdwara is a Sikh religious and community hub in the heart of Wolverhampton, which has one of the largest Sikh populations in the country. For three decades the Gurdwara has been holding daily religious services for the Sikhs of Wolverhampton and beyond, as well as supporting community and sports activities, other charitable organisations, establishing a permanent Sikh Heritage Exhibition, supporting and funding the Trust to open the first Sikh ethos Free School in Wolverhampton and recently donating £50,000 to the NHS in Wolverhampton and Birmingham during the Covid crisis.
The Gurdwara is name after the 9th Guru of the Sikhs, Sri Guru Teg Bahadur Ji (1621- 1675) whose 400th Birth Anniversary (Parkash Purab) is being celebrated this year by the community in Wolverhampton.
Guru Teg Bahadur Ji was the father of Guru Gobind Singh Ji, son of Guru Hargobind Ji and the grandson of Guru Arjan Dev Ji. He was the successor Guru to Guru Harkrishan Sahib who served the people of Delhi during Smallpox and Cholera epidemics. Guru Teg Bahadur Ji followed in the footsteps of his grandfather and sacrificed his life for human rights and religious freedom. Thousands of Sikhs in Wolverhampton and the wider West Midlands have a close connection with the Sikh Gurus, because they have their origins in villages of the Punjab that were actually visited by the 5th, 6th, 7th and 9th Gurus. Many local Sikhs have ancestors who were initiated by the Gurus themselves.
On this auspicious occasion which will be celebrated by the global Sikh community in particular and all Indians in general; Guru Teg Bahadur Gurdwara propose to commemorate the anniversary by way of Akhandpaths, Kirtan (religious services) and lectures, and undertake the following religious and educational projects for the coming year:




Support for all Postgraduate students in the UK who are studying MA Sikh Studies or doing Masters level or PhD level research in any area of Sikh Studies will be supported by a grant of £500 at Masters level and £1000 at PhD level respectively. These grants will be made available on application, for students across the UK.

Taking inspiration from the Gurus who were pioneers and leaders in the fields of divine poetry, sacred music, literature, philosophy, service, provision of food and shelter, education, sports, women rights, human rights and universal medical care; the Gurdwara will continue their support for the NHS which has thousands of vacancies for Doctors and Nurses, by helping students from Sikh families in Wolverhampton who wish to study Medicine or Nursing in 2021 and 2022.
All students from Sikh families in Wolverhampton who are currently studying A Level Biology and Chemistry (for Medical School entry) or applying for Nursing will receive a textbook grant of £50. Students applying for Medicine through UCAS will receive support of £150 for the UCAT entrance test and £40 for the BMAT entrance test.
All students who have gained and accepted a place on Medicine and Nursing in 2021 / 2022 will receive a textbook grant of £200.

Release a booklet on the Life and Teachings of Sri Guru Teg Bahadur. The chapters which will be announced, will be based on an essay competition for all secondary school children and sixth formers in Wolverhampton. The best essays will be selected by a group of scholars and published. £100 prize money will be given to the writer of each essay selected.

Additional Educational and Religious Projects for the welfare of the community will be announced in the future.