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Over 50 per cent children in Mumbai show Covid antibodies, finds sero survey

New Delhi, June 28

More than 50 per cent children in healthcare settings in Mumbai have shown antibodies to the Covid-19 disease indicating that a large proportion of them may have already been exposed.

The findings released today are part of the latest sero survey conducted by Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation in the wake of a narrative that an anticipated third wave may affect children more.

The study shows that the proportion of the pediatric population having antibodies increased from 39.4 per cent in March 2021 to 51.18 per cent in June at the peak of the second wave which affected Mumbai severely.

The sero survey of SARS-CoV-2 infection among the pediatric population of Mumbai was conducted by BYL Nair Hospital and Kasturba Molecular Diagnostic Laboratory of the BMC and found that with a vast percentage of children already exposed a possible third wave may not affect them disproportionately.

The latest survey covers the period from April 1 to June 1.

The researchers took blood samples received in laboratories for various medical investigations and studied them. Across 24 wards of Mumbai, 2, 176 blood samples were collected.

The overall sero-positivity was found to be 51.18 pc, including 54.36 pc from the public sector and 47.03 pc from private sector. 

Seropositivity was the highest among 10 to 14 year olds at 53.43 pc corresponding to 51.04 pc (1 to 4 years); 47.33 pc (5 to 9 years); 51.39 pc (15 to 18 years).

The findings are consistent with a recent AIIMS study that also revealed over 55 per cent children with Covid antibodies.