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After increase in Covid case positivity for 10 weeks, decline reported since last 2 weeks: Govt

New Delhi, May 20

After a consistent increase in Covid-19 case positivity for 10 weeks, a decline has been reported since the last two weeks, the government said on Thursday.

The number of districts reporting a decline in case positivity increased from 210 in April 29-May 5 to 303 districts in May 13-19, it said.

Seven states have more than 25 per cent case positivity, while 22 states have more than 15 per cent case positivity, the government said.

India witnessed a consistent upward trend in weekly tests for COVID-19 since mid-February and average daily tests increased by 2.3 times in 12 weeks, it said.

According to a study, 50 per cent people still do not wear a mask and those who do about 64 per cent cover just their mouth but not their nose, it said.

By June-end, the average daily testing capacity for Covid will be augmented to 45 lakh, it added.