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Doctors, messengers of God, saved countless lives during Covid-19: PM Modi

New Delhi, July 1

Addressing an event organised by the Indian Medical Association on Thursday to mark the National Doctors Day, the PM expressed gratitude to doctors for working through days and nights to finetune India’s Covid response and treat people.

Crediting the doctors for India’s low Covid mortality rate of 1.3 per cent, among the lowest worldwide, the PM said, “This day is a marker of the finest values of medicine. The way doctors have served the country for one and a half years is in itself a trend setter. I thank all doctors and express gratitude to them. Doctors are messengers of God.”

The Doctors Day is observed to mark both the birth and death anniversary of the legendary physician BC Roy.

The PM, while lauding the role of doctors in formulating clinical protocols to deal with a new and dynamic Covid-19 disease, also urged them today to document their experiences with Covid patients and their treatment for the future generations to take appropriate lessons from such documentation.


Appealing to doctors to promote yoga awareness in mission mode, the PM asked them to undertake evidence-based research on the role of yoga in well-being.

“So many times, we have been terrified to lose our loved ones or have experienced acute illnesses but doctors like messengers of God have changed the course of lives. Doctors have worked day and night to save countless lives during Covid and several of them have died at the altar of duty. We pay condolences to their families,” the PM said, adding that doctors and scientists found effective solutions in the fight against Covid even though the virus continued to mutate.

The PM said the government was committed to the protection of doctors and had brought in relevant laws to ensure that.

Noting that medical infrastructure remained neglected over the past decade, the PM said population was exacerbating the challenge.

“It is our government that gave maximum emphasis to medical infrastructure. Last year, Rs 15,000 crores was allocated for health infrastructure. This year

Rs 2 lakh crore plus was allocated for health sector. Rs 50,000 crore credit guarantee scheme has just been announced for under-served areas. Whereas six AIIMS had been built until 2014, we have started work on seven new AIIMS besides augmenting MBBS seats 1.5 fold and PG seats by 80 per cent,” said the PM adding that youngsters will now have greater opportunities to become doctors than ever before.

The PM spoke of the influence doctors exert on the mind of the people and urged them to play a part in science-based evidence of yoga benefits especially in managing post Covid complications.

“When you took vaccine, people were inspired to come and accept vaccines. When you ask people to keep Covid protocols, they follow you. Please expand this role of yours. Medical fraternity is now spreading awareness about yoga. The work that should have been done in the last century post-Independence, but it is being done now. Evidence-based studies are under way on how yoga helps in post Covid management. Can IMA take this forward in mission mode and commission science-based studies on yoga, publish them in in international journals so that the world takes note?” asked the PM.

He appealed to doctors to record their practical Covid experiences by addressing questions like how

vaccines are helping, how early diagnosis is helping and how certain protocols are helping better than the others.