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Indian states surpass top nations on daily Covid dose delivery, PM reviews vaccination status

New Delhi, September 10

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday took a high-level review meeting to understand the status of India’s Covid-19 infection and inoculation even as several states crossed new milestones on Friday by managing to deliver more average daily Covid shots than some of the top foreign countries.

Days after India showed it could deliver more Covid 19 doses than the G7 block put together through August, fresh global data on inoculations showed the average daily doses administered by Uttar Pradesh are more than the daily average doses being given by the US.

Where UP is giving 11.73 lakh average doses daily, the US is giving 8.07 lakh.

Likewise, Haryana is delivering more average daily shots (1.52 lakh) than Canada (0.85 lakh).


Gujarat with 4,80 lakh average daily dose administration is similarly outpacing Mexico with 4.56 lakh average daily shots.

Karnataka is giving 3.62 lakh average daily doses as against 3.68 lakh in Russia.

Madhya Pradesh is ahead of France on the parameter and is delivering 3.71 lakh average daily doses as against 2.84 lakh in France.

In a major expansion of the Covid vaccination drive, as many as 78.09 lakh doses were administered daily in the first week of September, as against 20 lakh in May and 59.19 lakh in August.

PM Modi reviewed the status of daily positivity in India and also the situation in the districts of concern.

Although the weekly positivity rate nationally has been stable below 3 pper cent for the tenth week, 35 districts still have more than 10 percent positivity and 30 districts have positivity between 5 and 10 pc.

Lahaul and Spiti and Mandi in Himachal besides all 14 Kerala districts are among the 35 districts with 10 plus positivity, where restrictions are being recommended by the Centre.

The PM advised officers to further expand vaccinations in the wake of the festive season after ICMR showed 97.5 per cent protection from death following two doses and 96.6 per cent after one dose.

Health secretary Rajesh Bhushan said on Friday that six crore doses had been given in May and so far over six crore doses have already been given in September. We should sing praises of the successes of our national inoculation drive, Bhushan said.

India this Sunday breached a significant global milestone in Covid-19 vaccine delivery by administering more doses to its population through the month of August than all the developed G 7 nations put together.


The health ministry data show that India administered 180 million doses in August, as against Canada’s 3 million, UK’s 5 million, Germany’s 9 million, France 13 million, US 23 million, Japan 40 million.