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Kotkapura firing case: Suspended IGP Paramraj Singh Umranangal consents to polygraph test

Faridkot, July 9

Suspended IGP Paramraj Singh Umaranangal on Friday agreed to undergo Polygraph, Brain Electrical Activation Profile and Narco Analysis Test a month after the newly formed Special Investigation Team (SIT) probing the Kotkapura police firing case had approached a court here seeking the tests.

The SIT had also sought the tests for former DGP Sumedh Saini and former SSP Charanjit Singh.

Earlier, on June 11, in its application before the court here, the SIT had claimed that the accused were evasive in their replies on core issues during the investigation in the Kotkapura case, creating a requirement for the tests.

As an individual could not be forcibly subjected to the tests, the court had issued a notice to all three accused police officers.

The counsels for former DGP and SSP told the court about the unwillingness of their clients to undergo the tests.


However, the counsel for Umranangal said that the tests would be expectedly carried out under complete privacy, in a comfortable surrounding, in a laboratory disclosed to the IGP in advance.

An assurance was also sought that while undergoing Narco Analysis Tests the drugs used should not cause side effects as Umranangal was a patient of hypertension, diabetes and cardiac problems. There would be no use of substances such as Scopolamine and Sodium Amytal as these are banned substances. The IGP will also be provided with a language interpreter during these tests so to avoid any communication gap, said the counsel for Umranangal.

The court had summoned the IGP for today to get his formal consent.